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“Through Clean Reach, anyone can be a producer of renewable energy. The people behind our projects create solutions and are forward-thinkers committed to advancing ocean energy technology. You help bring their ideas to life.” - Stephanie Thornton, CEO, Clean Reach


International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE)
International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE)
INORE knows that ocean energy can only advance with stronger collaboration among researchers and industry members. This campaign will help create the online communication tools necessary to empower the passionate minds shaping our industry’s future.

“Having derived so much benefit from INORE, I'm proud to support this Clean Reach campaign. I look forward to INORE achieving its fundraising goals and developing a new website that will allow it to reach out to many more early-stage researchers in the marine renewable energy community.” Brendan Cahill, Ph.D. Fulbright Scholar, Oregon State University

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Wave Energy Research
(Phd Thesis)
Wave Energy Research <br> (Phd Thesis)
The ocean energy industry can only advance with the right tools. This campaign is raising money to help ocean energy developers speed up wave energy technology analysis before their device is installed at sea.

The purpose of this campaign is to improve computational modeling of floating buoy arrays.  The funds will pay for research fees to the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to carry out wave tank measurements, including the costs for the equipment, and support from relevant technicians as well as attend selected conferences to present the results of research and publish an article in technical journals

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Navigator Award - ICOE 2014

Navigator Award - ICOE 2014

Support and share in the creation of the first annual Navigator Award, a cash prize of $10,000 awarded to an ocean energy innovator at ICOE 2014 in Halifax, Canada alongside the iconic Fundy tides. Learn more about our project here.



Extracting Energy from the Ocean

Renewable energy is energy that comes from resources which are continually replenished. But what exactly is renewable ocean energy?



Many Supporting One That Affect Many

Clean Reach brings global ocean energy leaders, entrepreneurs, communities and contributors together to raise money, share ideas, and join in the growing ocean energy conversation.

Clean Reach effects change by providing immediate and direct support to those developing new technologies or ambitious communities that wish to lead the world in new ocean energy sources. With your help, we can power the future!


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We’re glad you’re here and interested in learning more about who we are.


Clean Reach uniquely marries two growing industries: ocean energy and crowdfunding.

Clean Reach

Our project-and contribution-based crowdfunding platform creates a high profile, low risk way for ocean energy visionaries to raise capital for innovative projects. By raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, crowdfunding supplements traditional funding sources and connects passionate supporters to forward-thinking ideas.


You don’t have to lay out millions to help.
With crowdfunding, anyone can tip the balance to make change happen. That’s what makes it such a powerful force—the people. By joining together for a greater purpose, people just like you can make amazing things happen.


So what makes crowdfunding through Clean Reach special?
We allow you to be authentic in your contributions—to support something in line with your values and beliefs. When you invest in ideas through Clean Reach, you support more than technology. You support a cause and propel the success of an industry that has the capacity to save the world billions in energy costs.


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What is Ocean Energy?

  • Renewable ocean energy (also sometimes referred to as marine energy, hydrokinetic energy or just ocean energy) is just as it sounds—energy powered by the waves, winds and currents of the ocean. But just how do you extract electricity from the ocean?

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